Archive for The Warriors of Troy The Warriors of Troy are a TotalWar clan that abides by the stances of.Honour,Loyalty and Respect

General Conversations
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Roll Call
How Y'all Doin'?
..request for audience with Emp. Vladimir for x-fire help
Scenario 1: The Court of the Emperor
Scenario rules
The Quiz thread!!
Word Association
The Honour Guard's Band - Johnny
anouncement-leave of absence
Help Me!!!!
11 Hour ( Doc )
Empire Total War Demo now available.
coming soon- Quintus indepth battle reviews
A thankyou to General_Vladimir
GameSpy Replacer
IM BACK!!!!!
Mail Bag!
Come see what Lightsaber form you would use.
Finally Back! Woo!
Your Favorite Music?
Make a Regular Videos Area on Forum!
How Is Everyone
Tournament Idea- Please post your opinions
The Emperor is Studying
The Arrival of the Forgotten
The Silent Chat
Persistent Mutliplayer Crisis and the PETITION!
Hi Im a new recruit
Hi guys am uploaded some music that i liked so enjoy it
The Armies of Honour Newspaper
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